The evolution of Bitcoin is here!

Bitcoin meets the smart chain.


Why BitEth?

BitEth is Bitcoin on an Ethereum compatible blockchain.

Buy, Sell, and Trade

BitEth is still bought, sold, and traded like Bitcoin.

Smart Contracts

BitEth supports smart contracts and is Ethereum compatible.


The security and decentralization of BitEth is the same as Bitcoin.


About Us

BitEth was created to bring Bitcoin into the modern crypto space. Side chains are hacky and not the best solution in our opinion.

Bitcoin deserves an upgrade to smart chains, contract, tokens, NFT's, and the rest.

Our goal is not to replace Bitcoin, but to be an evolutionary step for those who want it.

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Get Connected!

Connect to BitEth with your Web3 wallet. RPC: CHAIN: 8086

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Basic Infrastructure in Development.

Currently we are working on basic infrastructure including a DEX, exchange, marketplace, and more. We are currently listed for trade on 1BSE.